Vibeke Bryld

Hush VR installation

HUSH is a sensory VR experience and installation that lets you be the subject of a Northern myth. We beckons you into a mythological underwater land born out of the harsh seas and plains of Thy, a rural region in the North of Denmark, where superstition abounds and the powers of nature rule.

The work premiered in the VR expanded competition at Venice Film Festival 2020

It is exhibited at Nikolaj Kunsthal from October 9th to December 6th

Thyland hybrid documentary – work in progress

The film unravels the metaphysical life in the area through myth, faith and superstition as they arise in nature and in the people – a people marked by their attachment to the sea and the land. The story is bound to the region’s shores, swamps, and old ritual sites, but it is also a universal story of longing for meaning, belonging and eternity. The film evokes the invisible life of man, myth and nature and lets it unfold in all of its magical potential.

Expected to premiere in 2021.

Home is Not Here

“Home Is Not Here” is a love story between two children who are stuck in a paper town by a cold, Northern shore.

The film is made in collaboration with Blinker Film and The Göethe Institute – see more about the project here Home is Not Here

Pebbles at Your Door

“Pebbles at Your Door” is a film about a woman from the North Korean elite who faces the reality of her once beloved childhood paradise and the impossible task of healing a life that has been torn from birth.

The film premiered at Berlinale 2015

Bedtime Stories from the Axis of Evil

Through child like cardboard cities, we enter into a space between the strange logic of political agitation and fairytales as the stories between child and parent unfold. The stories are woven together by love, ideas of justice, beauty, and ultimately by the concepts of good and evil.