Thyland is a hybrid of the imaginary and the real. It’s a metaphysical reading of a place in Denmark, Thy, dominated by the raw winds and sea of the West coast and a beautiful, rough nature. Far more wild than the rest of the country. Here lives the invisible inhabitants among the living – like they have for centuries.

Thyland is a work-in-progress. Expected to premiere in 2018.

Home is Not Here

“Home Is Not Here” is a love story between two children who are stuck in a paper town by a cold, Northern shore. Poems from the past are written on every wall. Every night the sea washes the words away, every day the inhabitants write them again. The village is stuck in the past, the children want to escape.

The film is made in collaboration with Blinker Film and The Göethe Institute – see more about the project here Home is Not Here



Pebbles at Your Door goes to Berlin!!

2_Romance_1080_Pebbles at your Door

“Pebbles at Your Door” is a film about a woman from the North Korean elite who faces the reality of her once beloved childhood paradise and the impossible task of healing a life that has been torn from birth. Harmonia lived a happy life in North Korea, but her reality cracks as she learns the truths she never wanted to know. She faces a choice of living in a broken paradise of lies and deception or treading the unknown, lonely path of the real world outside. Nothing is free, and the struggle to become a whole human being is inhuman.

The film is Vibeke Brylds latest short documentary made with the support of the Danish Film Workshop.