ELSEWHERE, hybrid documentary, 72 min, 2021, produced by Final Cut for Real

The film unravels the metaphysical life in the area through myth, faith and superstition as they arise in nature and in the people – a people marked by their attachment to the sea and the land. The story is bound to the region’s shores, swamps, and old ritual sites, but it is also a universal story of longing for meaning, belonging and eternity. The film evokes the invisible life of man, myth and nature and lets it unfold in all of its magical potential.

Producer: Heidi Elise Christensen Director of Photography: Lis Dyre Editor: Julius Krebs Damsbo Sound designer: Sune Kaarsberg. Composer: Signe Lykke

World Premiere: NORDIC:DOX AWARD, CPH:DOX 2021

Documentary Feature competition, Winner of best documentary, Artic Open, 2021