HUSH, VR installation, 12 min, produced by Final Cut for Real, 2020

Hush is an immersive Virtual Reality experience rooted in the Northern myths of the merpeople, who lured sailors and longing souls to the sea.
Like the lost ones of the past, you begin by the seaside. The world around you dissolves as you hear the calling from the sea, and you are submerged in a suggestive underwater world, where the distinction between reality and imagination, man and nature, disappears.

Producer: Maria Kristensen CG artist: Lars Hemmingsen Sound designers: Mads Michelsen & Sune Kaarsberg Production designer: Elin Maria Johansson Composer: Signe Lykke

Premiere: Extended Reality Competition, Venice Film Festival, 2020

Official selection: Raindance Film Festival, Jihlava Film Festival, Lumiere, Atlanta Film Festival, Fivars

Installation at Nikolaj Kunsthal, fall 2020