The piece serves as both a stand-alone VR experience and a companion piece to the documentary/hybrid film THYLAND (also directed by Vibeke Bryld and produced by Heidi Elise Christensen for Final Cut for Real - currently in postproduction). Both the film and the VR experience are born out of the harsh seas and plains of a rural region in northern Denmark, where superstition abounds and the powers of nature rule supreme.
HUSH will be created in CGI under the supervision of CG Artist Lars Hemmingsen Nørgaard, with production design by Elin Maria Johansson. Both the film THYLAND and the VR piece HUSH are slated to premiere in Spring 2020.


The film unravels the metaphysical life in the area through myth, faith and superstition as they arise in nature and in the people – a people marked by their attachment to the sea and the land. The story is bound to the region’s shores, swamps, and old ritual sites, but it is also a universal… Continue Reading